Friday, July 30, 2010

weeee ~ :P

ordered 12 pieces clothes from web
6 were reached me :D
6 more to wait =C some of it might wait until end of Aug
i can't wait to get them :((((
hope they are nice to wearing n suit me as well HEEE

later am going to Times Square's Oldtown
for Primary classmate gathering at 7 pm
feel excited to meet them , all changed a lot
fetch by Ao Yang , we live very near ( just opposite )
but we seldom hanging out together :$ lol

friends said i changed a lot , actually im not ><
just the hair style different .. my face still the same
oppss ! not the same .. no more fair skin ... :(

a suited hair style will makes a person look pretty nice
this is a fact ... agree ? :)

ps : i miss my long hair badly

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