Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my heart is still belongs to u ♥

don't misunderstanding the title above =)

im still loving him , but we didn't couple back

these two days , i had went out with him
for movie -inception- and i-city
he said , he promised me bring me there when we were still couple
but he doesn't make it yet . so he already did now
i can feels the caring the love from him , he treated me good

maybe this is the way he wants to fetch up his guilty-ness
or he might really appreciates the time we still can spend together
perhaps he still loves me .. idk

today , he bought me a ring
im happy :D for sure
i wanted a ring from him so badly last time
i mean when we still couple
no idea why .. might be some insecure minded
i need something to calm my idk-what-insecure-feeling-i-have
but he didn't bought me any , plus !
he said , couples can't simply buy ring for each other
..... my mood was down down down down on that moment !
insecure feeling increased madly -.-

how's great if he did all these when we still couple?
how's great if he loves me just like how much i love him?
how's great if he appreciates me just like how i appreciate him?
how's great if we still loving each other and live happily together to the end?
how's great if time could turn back to the past?
how's great if we can start it all over again?

i couldn't forget u
my heart is still belongs to u
my heart is already engaged to u
u're always in my mind
u're always in my heart


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