Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13th of July ♥

had an nice outing with Miss ShinTeng :)
after class

we went to Ho Qing Yuen for searching some job
no one wanna hire Part Timer (me)
everyone just wanna a Full Timer (her)
headed to TS after having our lunch at there

i bought a heels with a very worth price
just rm30 !!
actually is 39.90 bucks but there is an offer
buy two for 60 bucks
so Teng bought a sandal and we both can save up to 10bucks !

i told her *精明的消费者是要慢慢考虑的*
something lidat :$ i forgot liao
i spent 80 bucks for 4 stuffs !
a dress , a pair of heels , a tank top and a tee
omfg ! very worth isn't it ?! ;P

when we walking around , two girls ask us to be their makeup model
just wanna practice and will take few photos
we said yes but after that we're regret !
because they wasted our time ! 2 hours plus !
we can shop alots u know ? -.- but it helps us to save $$

pictures are on FB , not going to upload here
am lazy bug ^^

reached home around 930 pm
Teng stayed until 11

we had a crazy night in my home !
cam-whore + tried clothes + act c2p + chit-chat !
u will see those c2p pictures once she upload on FB
im gan jeung - ing cause those c2p pics are fugly and really c2p -.-
beh tahan on what we had captured last night !


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